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Improving access to business financing for women entrepreneurs

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The Restigouche CBDC is proud to present this package of tools and resources, developed for people who work as BUSINESS LOAN AGENTS within financial lending institutions.

The Restigouche CBDC has been involved in a project to explore issues and challenges relating to women’s access to business financing, titled “Improving women’s access to business financing.”


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Tools &


The package of tools and resources was developed for people who work in financial lending institutions, to provide information regarding access to business financing for women entrepreneurs, and to provide practical tips and strategies to address some identified challenges/ barriers.


Research suggests that female entrepreneurs face more barriers* to accessing financing compared to their male counterparts. At the same time, women are increasingly becoming business owners. 


The activities proposed in this package can:  lead to increased success rates for women entrepreneurs; increase the number of women in business; create more job opportunities; and increase the overall volume of business clients. 

''It is shown in many studies and articles that we all use stereotypes without knowing it''

Cheryl Dawson

Regional Vice-President,

Personal Banking

Bank of Montreal

''I was very impressed by the practical coverage of what can feel like a sensitive subject. Great job!''

André Doiron

Project Analyst

CBDC Restigouche

​​''Great awareness tools! By better understanding the barriers, it will help us build better relationships and gain more trust from our client''

Line Doiron

Executive Director

NB Association of CBDCs

Women in Business Initiative

''These tools are a mix of different elements, they're user friendly and can be used as a great learning tool. We will use them as orientation documents with our employees.''


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This project was financed by:

The Restigouche CBDC wishes to thank all of the partners and participants of the “Improving Women’s Access to Business Financing” project for their valuable contributions towards making this package of tools and resources possible.  The CBDC gratefully acknowledges each of the following:


  • Status of Women Canada (Financial Partner)

  • NB Association of CBDCs – Women in Business Initiative

  • Representatives of:

    • CBDC Westmorland-Albert

    • Business Development Bank of Canada

    • Canada Business

    • National Bank

    • Bank of Montreal

    • Royal Bank

    • UNI Financial Cooperation

    • DPG Communication

    • Humphrey Raymond - Lawyer

    • Marie-Hélène Whitty – Accountant


  • Participants in consultations: Women entrepreneurs

  • Participants in interviews: Various loan agents

  • Participants in the survey: NB Entrepreneurs

  • Participants in piloting the tools and resources:

    • CBDC Southwest

    • CBDC Restigouche

    • Bank of Montreal

    • UNI Financial Cooperation

    • NB Association of CBDCs – Women in Business Initiative